Welcome to the Buford Housing Authority Web Application website. 

The following Documents will be needed for the application process:

1) Proof of Income: Copies of current pay checks, pay stubs, social security statements, TANF, child support, etc. Proof of ALL income for each member is required.
2) Social Security Card(s): are needed for each individual, a letter from Social Security where you have reapplied for a card will suffice.
3) Birth Certificate(s): are needed for each individual. A confirmation of birth will be accepted for children up to 6 months of age.
4) Proof of rent paid: Proof of the amount you now pay for rent and utilities. If you are staying with friends or family they much write a letter stating you are living with them. They must sign, date, and give their phone number.
5)Proof of US citizenship or eligible immigration status:
6) Photo ID

We are now accepting applications for housing.  To apply for housing
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